Every year our Germiston site in South Africa organises 'Wellness Days' to promote employee wellbeing

Vitality at Germiston

People like to get involved at our Germiston site. Health and wellness activities, the annual family day and charity appeals all receive a warm response. These inclusive programmes make a striking contribution to social sustainability, ensuring that the site remains strongly rooted in the local community.

Every year the Germiston site organises 'Wellness Days' to promote employee wellbeing and this year was no different. The site hosted health screenings for employees, fitness classes, HIV tests and an onsite podiatrist, dietician and optometrist. There was even a chef on hand to rustle up some nutritious meals and educate employees on preparing a well balanced meal.

In 2013 the Wellness Team launched a challenge aimed at encouraging employees to take up exercise and eat a nutritious balanced diet.

In 2013 the Wellness Team also launched a health and fitness challenge aimed at encouraging employees to take up exercise and eat a nutritious balanced diet. Seventy five people signed up to the challenge, participants received guidance from a dietician and plenty of motivation. Employees were also encouraged to take part in the Big Walk, South Africa's oldest mass participation sporting event, while regular Zumba classes were on offer to participants.

Alongside these activities another new development last year was the increase in physical fitness clubs for women. Female employees got involved in women's football and athletics and a netball team was formed. Staff also participated in 'Discovery 702 Walk the Talk', a charity walk organised by a local radio station to raise awareness and funds for various charities.

Promoting vitality at family day

There were also plenty of takers for Germiston's family day, with over a thousand turning up. For the children there were competitions, a bouncy castle and pony rides. For the adults, there was a formal awards ceremony for long serving employees and a chance to explore the employee wellness and assistance programmes that the site provides. Family Day is an opportunity for employees' families to get a feel of Johnson Matthey as an employer and to have an enjoyable and bonding day out.

Mandela Day falls on 18 July, when South Africans are invited to volunteer 67 minutes of their time to commemorate the 67 years that Nelson Mandela spent fighting for social justice. In 2013, the site took education related donation as its theme and staff donated new school shoes and socks to local families, together with second hand clothes. For younger school children, snacks were donated, while a presentation on bullying was given to senior pupils to help give them a stress-free childhood.

All these activities are imbued with a sense of vitality. It makes the Germiston site a much-valued place to work, forging long term links with the community and building a loyal and sustainable workforce.