In Panki, India, employees are benefiting from the site's strong culture of health and safety

Johnson Matthey has set itself ongoing Sustainability 2017 targets of zero occupational illness cases and continual improvement in lost time injury and illness rate. With a strong health and safety culture at the Panki site, below is just one example of our efforts to fulfil our sustainability vision.

Any site with manufacturing processes that involve chemicals must remain vigilant in its approach to health and safety. It is not enough to have approved systems in place, but all individuals at the site must also able to identify hazards and assess risks in any activity on a daily basis.

Raising awareness

This is why our Process Technologies Manufacturing site at Panki, India runs training and awareness activities throughout the year. In an effort to continue to ensure proper Environment Health and Safety (EHS) awareness among employees, over the last year the EHS department, at Panki, has introduced a new comprehensive training module "Know Your Safety". The module aims to create uniform awareness of site hazards, EHS systems and behavioural safety requirements, among all employees.

'Know your Safety' is focused on making everyone aware of current safety measures and explores what more could be achieved through a 'personal level risk assessment' approach. Following an initial trial run the module was officially launched on 13th September 2013. Between then and March 2014, Seven training sessions have been conducted, covering 70% of the Panki workforce. The target is to cover 100% of employees by September 2014. After that, this will be mandatory training to be attended by each employee once a year as a refresher course and update.

National Safety Day

The culmination of the year's efforts was National Safety Day. The event, which was established over 40 years ago, is celebrated with enthusiasm at Panki. On the formal side, there was a seminar covering various EHS topics, and on National Safety Day, 04th March 2014, Panki employees took the oath of safety. Recognition was given to EHS champions – people who actively participate in EHS activities throughout the year – and those who had excelled in the 'Know your Safety' validation exercises were formally acknowledged.

During the year Panki's occupational health function further improved its services by opening a dedicated centre in a refurbished building on site. The new centre has audiometry and spirometry facilities (to test hearing and the lungs), Chester Step testing (fitness and heart rate), an ECG unit (recording heart rhythms) and other essential equipment. Panki goes beyond its statutory duties for employee health checks and the occupational health centre offers support on manual handling techniques, industrial hygiene, healthy eating, stress management and mental wellbeing. Health camps are also held once a year for employees and agency staff.