JM Chiltern and Sonning sites join together with the Royal Institute to host science fun days for local school children

After the success of our partnership on the Christmas lectures, JM and the Royal Institution collaborated again this week and last week to provide over 300 children with a day of inspiring science demonstrations and activities.

JM's R&D site in Chiltern hosted over two hundred children and adults from four local schools over two days on Thursday and Friday last week and then our Sonning Common site had 120 on Monday 17 July.

The children were first treated to an RI demonstration of "Explosive Food", given by professional science communicator Dan Plane. He demonstrated, to the delight and disgust of the audience the amount of energy in food and how the body processes it through the digestive system. The last segment where food turned into its ultimate product of digestion was greeted with howls of glee and hilarity from the kids.

After the demonstration the children had the chance to conduct their own experiments with the help of volunteers from Johnson Matthey. The activities included using lemons as batteries, balloon powered cars and seeing powerful plasmas.

We had great feedback from the schools with one of them saying "our students thoroughly enjoyed themselves". All the staff had a great time carrying out the science activities with the most common comment being "when are we doing this again?".

Feedback from the children was magical with "can we do this every year" as the most frequent comment with several requests for future employment!