Contact point information and links to REACH information for individual Johnson Matthey businesses

Johnson Matthey's business unit websites provide specific information on product ranges, and indicate appropriate local contact information. A number of standard supply chain letters are also available for download.

For customers

For product specific questions in the first instance please liaise with your normal Johnson Matthey business unit sales contact person, if you have one. Otherwise, please see the REACH contact points below.

Johnson Matthey businesses REACH information and contact points

Business Product Groups REACH Contact Point
Emission Control Technologies

Vehicle and stationary emission control catalysts

Advanced Glass Technologies

Pigments, frits, precious metal inks, conductive pastes and automotive enamel products

Refining and Chemicals

Precious metal products, including platinum group metals; precious metal refining operations

Noble Metals (Europe)

Fabricated precious metals and platinum group metals products

Process Technologies

Chemical technologies, syngas, chemical catalysts (including Formox), refineries (catalyst systems)

Johnson Matthey Chemicals GmbH

Base metal catalysts

Macfarlan Smith

Active pharmaceutical ingredients and intermediates

Macfarlan Smith


Still not found an appropriate Contact Point?

Inquiries can be referred to our General Enquiries point.