Manufacturing Quality Recognised in Mexico


The quality of our operations helps our sustainability on two fronts. When customers formally recognise the quality of our customer service, we know they value us as suppliers – and that improves our economic sustainability. At the same time, the quality of our product means that we are respecting the environment and reducing waste.

So when Nissan Mexico recognised us with one of their ‘Quality Origin awards’ – we were one of only ten companies to be commended – this was not just a pat of on the back but an endorsement of our sustainable approach to quality. It also means that Johnson Matthey Mexico ranks in the top 2% of Nissan’s suppliers (some 500 in all) in terms of quality.

This is the first time in the history of Nissan Mexico that it has chosen to commend suppliers who continuously provide excellent customer service and exceptional product quality. Johnson Matthey’s adherence to Nissan’s strict quality guidelines was assessed; quality requirements include a reject rate of zero parts per million, zero customer claims or recalls and full compliance with the Alliance New Product Quality Procedure, a standard used in the automotive supply chain.

The award highlights the individual and team efforts that have been made to ensure customer satisfaction and shows that performance at the Mexico site is among the best.