Positive Health for Employees in the UK


Helping employees to improve their long term health and wellbeing and secure workforce sustainability is a social aim of our sustainability programme.

During 2010, Johnson Matthey has partnered with healthcare company Bupa to offer UK based employees and their families access to an online wellness programme called ‘Positive Health’.

Having registered with the Positive Health programme online, users are invited to complete a health and wellbeing questionnaire. Bupa then assesses each user and helps them understand how they could improve their fitness, sleep, weight, nutrition and mental health to reduce the risk of developing conditions such as heart disease and diabetes in later life.

A wide range of health education information is also available on the Positive Health website and follow up emails prompt users to continue to use the programme.

Johnson Matthey set up a network of ‘health champions’ who were trained to promote the use of Positive Health at its UK facilities. Uptake was good and Bupa has provided a summary report of the main findings to help site teams prioritise and plan follow up wellness activities. Promotional activities have reinforced ongoing use.

The response from employees has been encouraging with one noting that the programme provided “some valuable suggestions on fitness and nutrition that I hadn’t been aware of” and another describing it as “a useful resource that is user friendly too.”