Our business drivers are underpinned by five key elements of sustainability

Growing our business through sustainability is not only about our operations and products. We are also committed to best practice in governance, to creating a positive working environment for employees and to being a responsible partner for our customers, suppliers, communities and other stakeholders.

Five elements of sustainability


We have a strong tradition for the way we look after our people and for our good community relations. We want people to work for us because they share our values and trust us. We want to continue to be respected by our neighbours.

We believe that being well regarded is a reflection of our balanced approach to business where we think about the way our decisions affect people inside and outside the company.

Our aim is to be recognised for the way that we work with and support our employees, our communities and all the people in them.



We turn raw materials into products that are much more valuable. Resource efficiency is a win-win for our customers and ourselves.

We will grow our expertise in resource efficiency to develop better and more sustainable products for our customers and improve our competitiveness.

Our aim is to show that we have used the fewest resources in the most efficient way to produce the best possible products. We want this to be recognised by our customers as a core part of our competitive advantage.

Our products also allow customers to improve the environmental performance of their products and operations and attain resource efficiency benefits in their manufacturing processes.

Health and Safety


Health and safety is our number one priority.

Our people are a key part of our sustainability efforts. We want work to be a positive experience for them so that we can achieve our sustainability vision. Their health and wellbeing underpin our aspirations to become a more sustainable business.

Our aspiration is 'zero harm', and our aim is to continually improve our lost time injury and illness rate and occupational illness cases, with our people going home in at least as good a shape as when the arrived at work. We want our local communities to have the same trust as our employees in the care we take for their health, safety and wellbeing.

As a business we provide products and services that enhance general health and wellbeing.



It is vital for us to behave well internally and externally. If not, we will be criticised for not doing what we say and for not acting appropriately. We do not want to be seen as just another company talking about things that we are not very good at ourselves. Our company is highly valued because we are seen as a sound investment in the sustainability sector.

Our aim is to be clear about what we do, communicate clearly and show through leadership, transparent reporting and excellent performance management that we mean what we say. We want our people to know our vision and actively promote it. Our code of ethics provides the framework which we utilise to ensure that we are "doing the right thing".


We are a listed company and we have a fundamental obligation to be profitable. We cannot be sustainable as a business if we are not financially strong and meeting the needs of our shareholders.

Our aim is to ensure that our sustainability vision and our financial objectives are aligned at all times. We will develop performance management systems, set objectives, targets and KPIs that support this goal and deliver a successful and progressive business.

We need to be both profitable and sustainable if we are going to continue to satisfy our shareholders and customers in the long term.