We are committed to halving key resources per unit of output

Water droplet - water is a vital global resource.

Explore how the Johnson Matthey group uses electricity, gas and water.

Energy consumption

Johnson Matthey recorded a 1% absolute increase in energy usage within its facilities in 2016/17, attributed to the addition of two new manufacturing sites in the US and Finland and our new precious metals refinery in China.

Our site energy use comprised 56% natural gas, 38% electricity and 6% other fuels. 0.5% of our electricity came from local renewable energy sources that are not grid connected (solar and hydroelectric), doubling the amount of renewable energy sourced compared to last year.


Water consumption

Our water withdrawal was similar to last year at 2.6 million m3, a 2% increase in absolute terms but a 10% decrease relative to sales. 92% was supplied by local municipal water authorities, 6% was abstracted from groundwater, 2% was abstracted from fresh surface water and 0.01% was stored rainwater.

26 sites operate their own waste water treatment facilities treating 1.2 million m3 of waste water per year. 26% of the water treated on site is recycled back into our processes rather than being discharged as effluent, also reducing our water demand. Our Clitheroe, UK site is leading the way, recycling 41% of the water treated on site.

Our total effluent increased 23% to 2.1 million m3, largely due to more accurate metering at some of our facilities. 89% was discharged to local authority sewers after treatment and in accordance with local discharge consent agreements. The remainder was discharged to water courses after treatment and within quality limits set by local water authorities.

Our total consumption, water withdrawn less water discharged, was 573,664 m3.