Sustainability at Johnson Matthey

For Johnson Matthey, sustainability is about how we can best run our business in the long term


In the decades to come, we want to be a successful, prosperous business that offers our customers the products and technologies to improve their sustainability performance and at the same time improve our own.

Our framework

We have created a formal framework with targets to help us achieve this aim. This is Sustainability 2017, our ten year programme to reduce our impact on the planet and improve the contribution we make – for the benefit of all our stakeholders.

As a core part of the programme, we identified two key business driversfor building a sustainable business, underpinned by five elements of sustainability – social, environment, health and safety, governance and financial – and set ourselves six tough targets.

Our targets

We aim to achieve these targets by 2017, the two hundredth anniversary of the company’s foundation
  • At least double earnings per share
  • Halve carbon intensity
  • Achieve zero waste to landfill
  • Halve key resources per unit of output
  • Achieve zero greater than three day accidents
  • Achieve zero occupational illness cases

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Resource efficiency

Financial strength and the efficient management of resources are central to our plans for sustainability. By developing sustainable products and technologies, we enable our customers to operate more efficiently, to their financial benefit and our own. By increasing our resource efficiency, with more careful use of energy and raw materials, we are saving money and strengthening the business.

Achieving our vision

We will achieve our vision for Sustainability 2017 in large part through our expertise in sustainable technologies. This is one of our key strengths and we maintain a high level of investment in R&D to help us enhance our offerings and develop new products.

To realise our ambitious goals we have turned to our local sites and businesses. They are rising to the challenge of achieving better performance, lower energy use and less waste through local projects, big and small. Our R&D employees are working to develop our sustainable technologies further. The commitment and enterprising spirit of individuals, businesses and operations are detailed in our Sustainability in Action case studies. 

Sustainability has been embedded in the way we work. To understand how we are doing, we have set ourselves key performance indicators and report our progress every year in our Annual Report.

High standards of health and safety, environmental performance, integrity, governance and transparency are part of our approach to sustainability.