How we are Organised

Our business is organised into five global divisions – Emission Control Technologies, Process Technologies, Precious Metal Products, Fine Chemicals and New Business Development – focused on the development of high value added, high technology products and services

Johnson Matthey is a truly international company, with operations in over 30 countries around the globe. These involve a tangible local presence in each country, and form a comprehensive base from which Johnson Matthey products are sold around the world.

Emission Control TechnologiesEmission Control Technologies

Emission Control Technologies

Emission Control Technologies is a world leading catalyst manufacturer for vehicle and stationary exhaust emission control and a leader in catalytic systems

Process TechnologiesProcess Technologies

Process Technologies

Process Technologies is a global supplier of catalysts, licensing technologies and other services to the petrochemical, syngas, oil refining and gas processing industries

Precious Metal ProductsPrecious Metal Products

Precious Metal Products

Precious Metal Products Division's activities comprise two main areas: Services businesses, which include marketing, distribution, refining and recycling of precious metals, and Manufacturing businesses encompassing the fabrication of products using precious metals and related materials, platinum group metal (pgm) catalysts and pgm chemicals

Fine ChemicalsFine Chemicals

Fine Chemicals

Fine Chemicals Division is a global supplier of active pharmaceutical ingredients, fine chemicals and other speciality chemical products and services. Divided into two parts, including Alfa Aesar, its customers range from those in the pharmaceutical and chemical industry to industrial and academic research organisations

New BusinessesNew Businesses

New Businesses

Our New Businesses Division comprises our Fuel Cells and Battery Technologies businesses and our new business development programmes

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